What is adult social care?

Paying for adult social care

Unlike health care, social care is not free for everyone. To determine if you will need to pay for your social care, we will carry out a financial assessment.

This will ordinarily take place at the same time of your care and support needs assessment.

The financial assessment will look at your:

  • income
  • savings and investments
  • benefits including tax credits

As a result of the assessment we will work out how much you will need to contribute towards your care. This may be some or all of the cost of the care, depending on the amount of income, savings and assets you have.

Most people who use social care services will have to pay for all of the costs.

Complete a financial assessment


Need to upload documents?

You can upload extra documents as part of evidence (e.g. bank statements, council tax bills) for an existing financial assessment below.

Upload documents for evidence

The different types of payment methods

A deferred payment agreement is an arrangement with the council that will enable some people to use the value of their homes to pay for their care costs.

If you are eligible the council will pay your care home bills, and then you will repay the council when you sell your home.

The council may charge a small amount of interest on the amount owed, and there may also be a fee for setting this arrangement up. The fees are set to cover the council’s costs and not to make a profit.

For more information and advice on paying for your care, please use the links below:

Paying a direct payment surplus

If you receive a Personal Budget by direct payments, your Cash Personal Budget account will be monitored regularly as these are public funds and are subject to monitoring.

Any unspent or unused funds should be returned to the council.

If the following applies to you, please use the form below to return the funds to Harrow Council:

  • You have been told by the Monitoring Officer to return any surplus in the Direct Payments Account.
  • You have been told by your social worker/care manager following a review of your care package.
  • If the personal budget account is closed following final monitoring
  • If you have received an overpayment due to a decrease in package.

Pay back a payment surplus


If you are unsure or need any help please email direct.payments@harrow.gov.uk for support.