Careline personal alarm service

The personal alarm service provides you and your loved ones the support they need to live independently. Our Careline operators are fully trained to give peace of mind and security in your own home. The service runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How does it work?

You'll receive an alarm unit and a pendant to wear. In an emergency, press either the button on your pendant or the alarm unit. You'll be connected to our control centre. An experienced Careline operator will speak with you. You'll hear them via the speaker system within the alarm unit. They will talk to you to understand the reason for your call and arrange assistance if it is needed.

What do you need?

  • A plug socket
  • At least one local contact who can be contacted in an emergency, such as a friend, relative or neighbour

Who can benefit from the service?

  • Vulnerable adults of all ages (including those living alone)
  • Families living with physical or mental health conditions
  • Families living in domestic violence situations

When your order the Careline service we ask you to nominate two contacts, such as a neighbour or friend. If you can only provide one contact we strongly suggest purchasing a keysafe. A keysafe is a small secure box which can be opened by tapping in a pin number. If a key isn't available it may be necessary to force entry in an emergency.


To apply for the Careline personal alarm service or a key safe please complete our online form using the button below

We'll use your information to process your application and other administrative purposes.

Apply for Careline personal alarm

Holiday service

We can also provide the service short term for when you are away. When you return from your holiday we can either uninstall the unit or you can continue using the service.

Careline performance

Careline is governed by the Telecare Services Association Standards (TSA). The TSA has once again awarded us their accreditation for the period 2023-26 for the consistently high standards we deliver. For more information please see our achievements.