What is adult social care?

Apply for adult social care

If you have care and support needs or know someone who finds it difficult to look after themselves, we may be able to provide you with some support. To determine if we can help we will carry out a needs assessment.

What is the needs assessment?

The needs assessment will be carried out by an assessor who will ask you questions to find out the kind of help you may need.

You can use the application form to:

  • find out if you may be eligible for adult social care
  • make a referral to the adult social care team
  • see how much you may need to pay towards your care

Adult social care is not free for everyone, you may need to pay for some of your care. To determine if you will have to pay towards your care you will need to provide income and expenditure details, such as details about your pension, rent and council tax.

It is confidential and will only be shared with those involved in your care. After the assessment we will decide if you need support and if we can provide the support that you need.

If we cannot provide the support, we will refer you to the most appropriate agency.

Apply for a needs assessment

Am I entitled to free care?

Unlike health care, social care is not free for everyone. We will carry out a needs assessment to identify if you are eligible to have your care needs supported by the council, under the Care Act. As part of this process you will need to provide us with information for us to complete a financial assessment to work out how much you will need to contribute towards your care.

This may be some or all of the cost of the care, depending on the amount of income, savings or assets you have.

The care and support needs assessor

The care and support needs assessor is an employee of the council's social care services or someone who works on their behalf. They will:

  • be trained to gather the information needed and to give you information and advice about the choices open to you
  • carry identification including a photograph
  • always tell you their name and where to contact them.

If relatives or friends are helping to look after you, the assessor will usually discuss the situation with them as well.

This is only done with your consent. If a relative or friend is providing a lot of care for you, they have the right to ask for an assessment of their needs as a carer.

We may need to help them so they can help you. This applies to children who are providing care, as well as adults.

You can have a friend or relative with you to give you support or help you put forward your views. If you wish, we can put you in touch with a voluntary organisation that can provide someone to help you in this way.

What happens after the assessment?

You can have your own copy of the assessment if you ask for one. We can also give a copy to your carer, with your consent.

Your carer can also request for a separate assessment of their needs called a carer's assessment. We will translate your assessment into your preferred language or format.