Parking charges

How to pay for parking

You can pay for parking using cash (coins) at our parking meters. After you insert the necessary amount you will get a ticket to display in your vehicle.

Pay by debit or credit card

You can use the PayByPhone service to pay for parking by card using the methods below.

Paying for parking online

You will need to have your:

  • Location number (displayed on the parking meter)
  • Vehicle registration number (number/licence plate)
  • Payment card details

Please wait for your parking confirmation before exiting your vehicle.

Pay online

Paying for parking using the PayByPhone app

The PayByPhone app allows you to pay for parking on your mobile device. PayByPhone is free and parking charges vary depending on where you want to park.

Download the PayByPhone app:

For further details see PayByPhone

Paying for parking by telephone

You can pay for parking on your telephone by following these steps:

  1. Call 020 8039 1101 or the telephone number which will be on the closest parking meter to you
  2. Follow the prompts on the call to enter your location code
  3. Wait for your parking confirmation by SMS before you exit your vehicle
  4. You can extend your parking session by calling the same telephone number you dialled in step one. PayByPhone will recognise your active parking sessions. 

Paying for parking by SMS text

If you are registered for PayByPhone you can pay by SMS text message.

For more information please visit the PayByPhone website.

Register for PayByPhone

To register with PayByPhone you will need:

  • The number plate, colour and make of your vehicle
  • Your payment card details


PayByPhone Corporate account

Companies that have employees that travel and park on business can set up a PayByPhone Corporate Account.