Parking charges

Bailiffs and recovery of unpaid parking charges

What is a Notice to Owner?

If a parking charge is not paid, a Notice to Owner will be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle.

The owner of the vehicle will have the option to pay the full charge within 28 days or challenge the parking charge, if that has not been done already.

If the challenge is turned down, you (or the registered keeper) will be sent details on how to take an appeal.

The appeal will be conducted by a legal adjudicator, who will reassess the case at a personal hearing or by post. The result of this decision will be binding on all parties.

You may only appeal to an adjudicator if you have been through the challenge process detailed above. If you ignore the Notice to Owner, you will be sent a Charge Certificate.

What is a Charge Certificate?

If you ignore your Notice to Owner, you will be sent a Charge Certificate and your parking charge will increase. When you receive a Charge Certificate you must pay the parking charge within 14 days.

You cannot appeal your Charge Certificate during this stage and if you do not pay the charge, it will be registered as a debt in the county court. You will be charged a court fee of £8.00 on top of your parking charge and an Order of Recovery will be sent to you.

What is an Order of Recovery?

If you receive an Order of Recovery you must either pay the charge within 21 days or complete a statutory declaration.

If you do nothing, the court will grant authority for a warrant to be issued and a bailiff will be asked to recover the debt from you.

The bailiff will charge for this and their charges may be a lot more than the initial parking charge.

Have you received a letter from a bailiff?

If you have received a letter from one of our 3rd party enforcement agencies below, please make your payment directly to them.

Jacobs Enforcement: 0345 601 2692 – www.jacobsenforcement.com

Equita Ltd: 01604 628 360 – www.equita.co.uk