Parking charges

Parking charges in Harrow vary depending on the where you park your vehicle, either on a street or in car parks.

The table below shows charges for on and off street parking:

Location Charge
On street (per 20 minutes) £0.20 - £0.80
Off street (per hour) £0.50 - £1.40

If you want to park for 20 minutes or less on a street, you may not be charged but you will still need to put a ticket in your vehicle. This is only available once per day.

If you want to park for longer than 20 minutes or extend your parking you will have to pay the full amount for the duration of your stay.

To find out more please view:

Bank holidays

Regular rules and charges apply on bank holidays unless otherwise stated.

Can I park on a single yellow line?

You are allowed to park on a single yellow line only outside of the hours of control. The hours of control are displayed on large signs as you enter each controlled parking zone (CPZ) or on kerbside plates if they vary from the CPZ.

Can I arrange special parking for a funeral?

Arrangements can be made for funeral director vehicles. Unfortunately we are unable to make special arrangements for private vehicles. 

Please email parking.operations@harrow.gov.uk with the location, date and times so our parking officers are aware.

I have tradesmen carrying out works, where can they park?

If you live in a controlled parking zone, your visitors or tradesmen will be required to display a visitor parking permit to allow them to park their vehicles.

If you don’t live in a controlled parking zone, a contractor’s permit can be purchased from us at the main reception of the Civic Centre.