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Services provided for Primary School enrichment activities

The Harrow School Library Service supports schools in obtaining and maintaining excellent school library and classroom resources. The resources support the requirements of the curriculum and promote reading for pleasure. The Service offers an in-depth knowledge of children’s literature and curriculum support, with a wide range of high quality, attractive and up-to-date fiction, poetry and information books. These books enable development of a reading culture in your school and promote enthusiastic independent learning.

Description of Service

This is a service devised to support non-subscribing Primary Schools. It provides the resources needed to run an exciting and enjoyable reading club which will interest and challenge the children. Reading clubs can provide children with opportunities to extend their experience of authors and reading genres. This helps children develop critical skills and explore new interests through their reading.

There is one charge per full time equivalent (FTE) pupil place covering all aspects of this service. For as little as 36p per week per child, a reading club of 15 children can take part in the Harrow Junior Book Award. The award provides teachers or librarians the opportunity to borrow one project collection each term consisting of 30 fiction, poetry or non-fiction based on two themes (worth approx. £400 each). These books are available for loan to enable schools to offer a variety of reading activities. Themes can be chosen from a list of collections based on fiction genres, favourite authors or topical events (e.g. Olympic Games). Support will be available from an experienced librarian to start your reading club as well as resources for your chosen theme, where available.

Harrow Junior Book Award

The Harrow Junior Book Award is an ideal enrichment activity for able readers in years 5 and 6. This annual prize for fiction takes place from October to June each year. The shortlist of six books includes challenging and engaging new books to extend the children’s reading experience, culminating in the award ceremony when the children will meet an author (usually one of the previous year’s shortlist). A set of the shortlisted titles will be supplied free to all schools subscribing to this Service Level Agreement (SLA).

This SLA is designed to support

  • Reading for pleasure for children of any age and ability through a Reading Club
  • Children who are able readers (Gifted and Talented) and who would benefit from opportunities to broaden their experience of authors and fiction genres by belonging to a reading club and taking part in the Harrow Junior Book Award
  • Teachers and librarians who need practical help and advice in devising enrichment activities for Gifted and Talented students such as reading clubs and the Harrow Junior Book Award, and opportunities for CPD in current children’s literature and libraries.

Discounted Purchase Scheme

Schools can purchase books through the Discounted Purchase Scheme from their own budgets.

Other benefits

Teachers/librarians can attend library co-ordinators’ meetings and receive regular newsletters and Pen&Inc magazine to enable them to benefit from professional support and contact.

Full description

This service is provided for a cost per FTE pupil place for a minimum of 15 pupils. The cost is an all-inclusive charge covering:

  • Harrow Junior Book Award: Schools will receive a set of one of each of the shortlisted books and an invitation for at least six children (subject to demand) to attend the award ceremony in June with a guest author. Previous guest authors: Ross Welford, Vashti Hardy, Maz Evans, Jane Elson, Lara Williamson, Cate Cain and Joshua Doder.
  • Book Loans: Teachers/librarians may request one loan of 30 books per term. The loan will include two collections based on a theme chosen by the teacher from a list supplied by HSLS, and will contain attractive and up-to-date non-fiction, fiction, graphic novels or poetry books, worth up to £400. The cost of delivery and collection is included.
  • Advisory Service by professionally qualified Librarian on all aspects of reading promotion and the creative use of books both in the library and the classroom.
  • Support and practical assistance from the HSLS team in running the reading group and events to promote reading for pleasure
  • Discounted Purchase Scheme and Personal Shopper Service: Teachers/librarians can make use of our discounted purchase scheme using their own budgets. This scheme enables schools to make limited budgets stretch further. All books are supplied ready for the shelf with labels, jackets or sleeves to extend their durability. We offer a personal shopper service and can order books on your behalf. We have access to specialist suppliers and bibliographic databases.
  • Exhibition Collection of over 11,000 recommended and in print children’s books for teachers to inspect prior to purchase. Advice from School Library Service staff during your visit and assistance with ordering books.
  • CPD including Library Co-ordinators’ meetings each term and training courses, e.g. MLS Junior Librarian/Reading Cloud user group event, March 2022.
  • Subscription to Pen&Inc magazine containing latest information on diverse and inclusive children’s books
  • Newsletter and discounts on publications

Performance Standards

Helpdesk: Available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, during term-time and school holidays. An email facility is available outside these hours.

Professional staff have qualifications recognised by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals and are in membership of relevant professional organisations.

Books ordered through the purchasing service are normally delivered within three weeks outside school holidays. Urgent orders can be arranged for you.

Book loans will be delivered to your school as soon as possible following receipt of the request.

Schools' responsibility

Schools are responsible for the care of books on loan to them and for their return when requested by the School Library Service. We welcome enquiries regarding our services. Please contact us by calling 020 3714 7739 and speak to our experienced team.

Contract Period

The contract will run for one year from 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023.

Charges for service

  • The all-inclusive charge for 15 FTE pupil places £195 (+ £18 VAT on loan element in the charge)
  • the charge includes one set of Harrow Junior Book Award shortlist titles, free delivery and collection. The price has not been increased this year.
  • Schools subscribing for more than 15 FTE pupils will receive additional loan packs. Please contact the SLS for a quotation.

For more information and to request a copy of the SLA please contact the Schools Library Service Manager:

Rachel Johnston
School Library Service Manager

Unit 4
1 Forward Drive
Harrow HA3 8NT
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