You are a leaseholder if you bought a council flat or maisonette. You may have bought the property through the Right to Buy scheme or from a previous owner.

As a leaseholder whilst you own the property you do not own the land the property is on. We still maintain the structure and communal areas of the estate. These details are outlined in the terms of your lease.

What is a lease?

A lease is an agreement between a freeholder and a leaseholder for the occupation of a property. This is with exclusive possession of the property for a fixed term.

A lease does not give you ownership of the ground that the property is on. It is a legally binding contract. It outlines your rights and as the leaseholder. It explains our responsibilities as the freeholder.

Request a copy of your lease

You can request a copy of your lease by contacting our Leasehold service team.

Contact the Leaseholder service team

You can also buy a copy your lease or title plan from Land Registry. We recommend that you keep a copy of the lease and title plan. These documents are important. They will help you solve disputes.

Update your mailing address

As a leaseholder it is important that you keep your address details up to date. This is so we can send you important documents, such as service charge bills.

If your address has changed, please let us know by completing the form below. Updating your address online will only change where your mail gets delivered.

If you need to tell another department of an address change you should contact them too.

Change your mailing address

To request a change of your mailing address you will need to:

  • select general leasehold service enquiry
  • select 'other'
  • enter details of your address change in the text field.

Update your mailing address