Harrow's green spaces

Approximately 20% of our borough’s land is identified as either a park or open space. Our green spaces are formed of more than 80 areas, including parks, allotments, nature reserves and cemeteries.

You can find details of some of our commons, gardens and open spaces below. You will also find information about how you can visit our green spaces beneath each map.

Bentley Priory Open Space

Bentley Priory Open Space is in Stanmore, north of the Uxbridge road. The open space is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) for its meadow areas.

As well as the meadows the site includes extensive woodlands and two ponds. In the summer cattle graze the meadows.

The site is a haven for bird life and a wide range of plant life. There is no designated car parking but a car park in Warren Lane at Stanmore Common is within five minutes’ walk.

There is a private Deer Park nearby with a herd of approximately 24 Fallow Deer and to the north is Bentley Priory RAF base from which the Battle of Britain was commanded during World War II.

How to get to Bentley Priory Open Space

Bernays Gardens

Bernays Gardens is small walled garden in Stanmore with access available from Church road. The garden provides a quiet area in which to sit and relax and admire the peaceful surroundings.

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in the gardens. For more information visit the Bernays Gardens community group

How to get to Bernays Gardens

  • Pedestrian access: Church Road
  • By train: Stanmore (Underground) 15-minute walk
  • By bus: 324, 340 or H12

Churchfields Open Space

Churchfields Open Space is an area of open space in Harrow-on-the Hill. The area of open space is maintained to encourage wildflowers.

Public footpaths cross it leading to St Mary's Church, West Street, Roxborough Park and Bessborough Road.

How to get to Churchfields Open Space

The Grove Open Space

The Grove Open Space is located in Lowlands road in central Harrow. 

The open space can be located on the north slop of Harrow-on-the Hill and contains a large statue of a leaf symbolic of Harrow-on-the Hill's greenland.

How to get to Grove Open Space

  • Pedestrian access: Lowlands Road
  • By train: Harrow on the Hill (Underground) 2-minute walk
  • By bus: 182, 186, 223, 258, 483, H14, H17, H18 and the N18

Grimsdyke Open Space

Grimsdyke Open Space is located in Harrow Weald in Old Redding. The open space is 3.5 hectares and adjoins Harrow Weald Common it comprises mainly of woodland.

How to get to Grimsdyke Open Space

Hatch End Playing Fields

Hatch End Playing Fields is located on Headstone Lane with access from Uxbridge road. The open space has two cricket pitches and football goals erected during the football season.

There are car parking facilities accessible via Uxbridge road by Hatch End's swimming pool and Harrow Art's centre.

How to get to Hatch End Playing Fields

Lake Grove Open Space

Lake Grove is located in Dalkeith Grove, Stanmore. The open space is part of the Duke of Chandos' estate and is shared with Canons Park and the North London Collegiate School. 

The open space provides almost 3 hectares of open space and woodland.

How to get to Lake Grove Open Space

  • Pedestrian access: Church Road
  • By train: Stanmore (Underground) 15-minute walk
  • By bus: 324, 340 or H12

Little Common Pinner

Little Common Pinner is located in Elm Park Road in Pinner at the top of the high street. There is also an entrance from the public footpath which links Waxwell Lane, via the Dell, to Elm Park Road.

The common also has a playground and a practice basketball hoop.

How to get to Little Common Pinner

  • Pedestrian access: Elm Park road
  • By train: Pinner (Underground) 10-minute walk
  • By bus: H11, H12, H13 and 183.

Newton Farm Ecology Park

Newton Ecology Park was opened in 1990 and provides 2.65 hectares of open space designed and maintained to encourage wildlife habitats. 

The park has entrances in Alexandra Avenue and Rayners Lane. There is a small car park at the Rayners Lane entrance and a small play area.

How to get to Newton Ecology Park

Pinner Recreation Ground

Pinner Recreation Ground is located in West End Lane, Pinner. There is a public footpath with a link into the park between Starling Close and Hazeldene Drive.

There is also a children's playground located in the park.

How to get to Pinner Recreation Ground

  • Pedestrian access: West End Lane
  • By train: Pinner (Underground) 10-minute walk
  • By bus: H11, H12, H13 and 183

Priestmead Recreation Ground

Priestmead Recreation Ground is located in Kenton with entrances from Kingshill Avenue and Hartford Avenue. It has a children's playground and practice basketball hoop.

How to get to Priestmead Recreation Ground

  • Pedestrian access: Kingshill Drive
  • By train: Harrow and Wealdstone (Overground and Underground) 23-minute walk
  • By bus: H19.

Stanmore Country Park

Stanmore Country park is located in Stanmore, north of London Road with entrances off Dennis Lane, Kerry Avenue and Wood Lane.

The Country Park is primarily made up of woodland and meadow.

How to get to Stanmore Country park

Stanmore Common

Stanmore Common is located in Stanmore with car parking in Warren Lane. The Common is made up of woodland and heathland and is a Statutory Local Nature Reserve.

There are two artificially created ponds which are thought to be former village ponds, with one still containing a pump.

How to get to Stanmore Common

  • Pedestrian access: Warren Lane
  • By train: Stanmore (Underground) 25-minute walk
  • By bus: 142.

The Croft Playing Fields

The Crofts Playing Fields is an open space located between Eastcote and Pinner. It has entrances from Cannonbury Avenue and Glover Road.

The playing fields have a children's play area, football pitches and changing rooms.

How to get to The Crofts Playing Fields

The Viewpoint

The Viewpoint is located in Old Redding next to the Case is Altered Public House. The open space is predominantly made up of car parking space.

There are magnificent views across the north of London on a clear day.

How to get to The Viewpoint

Weald Village Open Space

Weald Village Open Space is located in Harrow Weald. It is an open area of parkland accessible from The Cross Way and The Bye Way.

The park has a playing field and children's playground.

How to get to Weald Village Open Space

  • Pedestrian access: The Cross Way and The Bye Way.
  • By train: Harrow and Wealdstone (Overground and Underground) 20-minute walk
  • By bus: 140, 182, 258, 340, 640 and N18.

Whitefriars Open Space

Whitefriars Open Space is located in Wealdstone with an entrance on Athelstone Road.  The open space is made up of mainly grassland.

How to get to Whitefriars Open Space

  • Pedestrian access: Athelstone Road.
  • By train: Harrow and Wealdstone (Overground and Underground) 20-minute walk
  • By bus: 140, 182, 258, 340, 640 and N18.

Woodlands Open Space

Woodlands Open Space is located in North Harrow with entrances from Woodlands, Melrose Road, North Harrow car park and Cambridge Road.

The park includes an open grass area and a conservation area of woodland. There is also an allotment at the west side of the open space.

How to get to Woodlands Open Space

Yeading Brook Open Space

Yeading Brook Open Space is an open space alongside the Yeading Brook, which links Northumberland Road with Rayners Lane.

There are entrances in Lincoln Road and The Ridgeway cross the brook midway along the length of the park.

The open space provides a pleasant walk with lawns, mature trees and shrubberies.

How to get to Yeading Brook Open Space