Report a litter bin issue

We empty litter bins in shopping areas and town centres daily. We empty litter bins in residential areas and parks weekly.

Street litter bins are provided in our town centres and along busy roads where more litter tends to be dropped. We continually monitor litter bin fill levels and increase frequencies wherever necessary.

Whilst we may not be able to respond to all online reports, each one helps us to build a better understanding of clean up hotspots across the borough.

You can tell us if you have seen:

  • An overflowing litter bin
  • A damaged litter bin or
  • A location for a new litter bin.

Before you start

To report a litter bin issue you will need:

  • The location of the litter bin which requires emptying or fixing
  • Any photos that will help our cleaning team prepare for the job

Report a litter bin issue

How do we deal with litter bin issues?

  • Litter bins in shopping areas and town centres are emptied daily.
  • Litter bins in residential areas and parks are emptied weekly.

If you notice an overflowing bin it is likely that our cleaning team will empty the litter bin on their next schedule.

Disposing of dog waste

It is no longer necessary to separate dog waste from other types of household waste.

Dog waste can be disposed of in any available litter bin. If there is not a litter bin in the nearby area you will need to bag it and take it to the next accessible litter bin or dispose of it at home.

Failure to pick up after your dog or any littering may result in an enforcement of a fixed penalty notice.