Tell us you're moving home

After you have reported the move or change in tenants

In most instances you will get a bill confirming the change of address. Once you receive it, we strongly recommend that you register for MyHarrow Account. This will ensure you'll receive future bills electronically. For more information see e-billing.

If you don’t get a new or closing bill straight away this could be because your request needs to be looked at by a member of our team.

This can happen if:

  • you ask us to open or close an account using dates which are too long ago
  • the date of the change is more than 14 days away
  • names on the form don’t match our existing records
  • the dates that you have given us don’t match our records

Direct Debit refunds

If you have moved and pay by Direct Debit the refund will be raised automatically and credited back to your bank account. We will send you a closing council tax bill to confirm this.