Garden waste bins

Commonly asked questions about Garden waste

Below are some questions residents commonly ask us about the Garden waste service.

Questions about Direct Debits

How do I cancel my Direct Debit subscription?

If you want to cancel your Garden waste subscription Direct Debit please contact your bank to stop the Direct Debit. You can usually amend or cancel Direct Debits on mobile banking apps.

Why is my “date of first collection” on my direct debit email an old date?

Your date of first collection would show the first year you signed up for the Garden waste service via Direct Debit. We will be taking this year's “regular amount” payment on the 4th March 2023.

Questions about payments

I have duplicate subscriptions; how can I request a refund?

To request a refund for a duplicate plan please complete our Garden waste enquiry form.

Please note that refunds can take up to 10 working days to process.

Can I get a concessionary rate (discount) for the Garden waste service?

You can get a discount for a Garden waste plan if you currently receive Council Tax support.

Single person’s discount does not qualify you for a discount on any Garden waste plans.

What happens if I have an issue with my Garden waste payment?

If you have been over-charged for a plan, please let us know using our Garden waste enquiry form.

Our team will investigate your case and contact you with a refund if there is any money owed.

Why should I pay full price if I miss the March deadline, and my service starts later than start of April?

Our Garden waste policy was reviewed last year, and we now have a flat price for the service.

What if I sign up much later in the year – do I still have to pay full fee?

As with the question above, our Garden waste policy was reviewed last year and we now have a flat price for the service.

Questions about the subscription plans

When will my sticker be sent and my collections start?

See Garden waste sign up periods and stickers.

What if I have not received my confirmation email?

When you subscribe to a Garden waste plan, you should receive a welcome email.

The email may not be sent straight away because our systems needs time to confirm your details.

Once our systems process your new plan, your Garden waste welcome email will be sent.

Please allow up to five working days to receive your welcome email and membership number.

If you do not receive the email after a week, you can contact us using our Garden waste enquiry form.

What if I want to cancel part way through the service?

You can cancel your Garden waste plan at any time. Please note that you will only get a refund if you cancel within the first 14 days of subscribing to the service.

What if I move to a new house part-way through my Garden waste plan?

Moving to a new house within Harrow

If you move to a new house but remain in Harrow, you can update your Garden waste address online.

We will transfer your subscription to your new address. You will need to make sure you take your brown Garden waste bin with you.

Moving to a new house outside of Harrow

If you move to a new house outside the borough during a Garden waste plan, you can cancel your Garden waste plan.

Please note you will not be eligible for any refunds after the first 14 days of your plan.

I have signed up to the assisted bin collection service. Do I need to apply for the service again for Garden waste?

If you are signed up to the assisted bin collection service, it will include your Garden waste bins too.

You will not need to tell us, our bin crews will also collect your Garden waste bins.

Can I sign up for a Garden waste plan if I live in a block of flats?

Yes, you can. We will only collect your Garden waste bin from the communal bin collection area for your block.

The Garden waste plan will need to be assigned to a specific flat number. This is even if the Garden waste bin is shared by more than one flat.

Can I pay for a Garden waste plan for someone at a different address?

Yes, you can. The billing address to pay for your Garden waste plan does not need to be the same as the collection address.

You can set up collections from a different address by following the steps below.

  1. When subscribing to a plan, the address you first enter needs to be the collection address. For example, enter the address you want our bin crews to collect your Garden waste bin from.
  2. When you select 'pay now,' you will be taken to the payment section of the subscription form. You will be asked to enter your payment details as well as your billing address. Please note that the form will automatically pull the address you first entered. You will need to change this address to be your billing address. Changing this address will not change where your Garden waste bin is collected from.

General service questions

Why have you removed the summer service?

To make your service experience better and to ensure a high-quality service, from April the summer service will no longer be available. It means subscribers are covered for 12 months, without having to worry about waiting 6 months to renew or change subscription.

I haven't received my Garden waste sticker yet?

If you have not yet received your Garden waste sticker after you subscribe, you can access the sticker request form under the Garden waste option once you enter your post code on our bins page.

What colour is the Garden waste bin, and what can I put in it?

Our Garden waste bins are brown and you can find out what you can put in it on our Garden waste bin page.

Your Garden waste bin should be placed at the edge of your property. This is unless you have an assisted waste collection service.

My Garden waste bin was not collected and I don’t know why?

There are a few reasons why your Garden waste bin may not have been collected, including:

  • your bin was not placed in the correct location for collection
  • your bin was overweight
  • your bin was contaminated with the wrong items inside it.

To find out why your bin was not collected, enter your address on the bins, waste and recycling page.

If there is no reason displayed for your missed collection, your bins may have been missed in error.

If your bins were missed in error, you can report it online within 48 hours of your scheduled bin day.

Please note that it may then take up to three working days for our bin crews to return to collect your bin.

For more information, see our missed bin collections page.

Why can’t I hire a Garden waste bin?

We no longer hire Garden waste bins. We have reduced the cost of buying a bin to £30.00, which will be your bin to keep for good.

My Garden waste bin is broken or cracked what can I do?

If you can no longer use your Garden waste bin due to damage, you can order a new bin.

If our bin crews damage your Garden waste bin, they will post a calling card in your letterbox.

Our bin crews will then order a new bin to be delivered to you free of charge.

If your bin lid or pin is damaged, you can request a bin repair.