Careline personal alarm service

Improvements to the careline service

Our achievements

We have successfully transitioned to a Cloud based Digital platform called Enovation UMO. This is a shift from analogue to a digital monitoring platform.

Digital has an ‘always-on’ connection, between a wider range of internet enabled devices. This allows them to communicate continuously making service users safer than ever.

The Enovation UMO monitoring platform is more flexible than the previous analogue system. It enables us to provide alarm follow-up services, and  ensure our clients' safety.

Looking forward

We are continuously developing our team with skills to deliver our service effectively. We have a quality monitoring process in place. This supports staff development and call-handling skills, to meet clients' needs.

We are committed to our digital transition programme, ensuring our devices are digitally compliant by 2025. This is when analogue services will be switched off. The digital switch-over will ensure we can provide support for people to live safely and independently in their own homes.