Careline personal alarm service

Key safes

Careline offers the Supra 500 key safe. It provides safe access to the property in case of an emergency. This key safe is endorsed by the Metropolitan Police.

Having a key safe prevents forced entry if contacts cannot be reached. The keys can only be accessed by entering your PIN into the key safe.

The PIN will only be disclosed in an emergency. The key safe can be purchased and installed for a one off charge of £75. 

Depending on the support required we can also offer a number of different sensors including:

  • Fall detectors which detect if you have had a fall and health changes    
  • Bed / chair Occupancy Sensor which detects a fall and health changes
  • Medication prompt to remind you to take your prescriptions
  • Property Exit Sensor to detect when you leave your home
  • Epilepsy Sensor which detects if you suffer an epileptic episode
  • Smoke detector to detect smoke and fire