Careline personal alarm service

Our Careline annual report

We measure our performance against the Telecare Services Association (TSA) standards. The following figures illustrate how fast we react to incidents:

  • Answering calls within 60 seconds: 98.17%
  • Answering calls within 180 seconds: 98.83%
  • Speed of installation for urgent referrals: 100%:    
  • Speed of installation for non urgent referrals: 100%  
  • Attended 834 emergency visits            

Volumes of calls handled by our community alarm officers

  • Calls answered: 75591

Maintenance and repairs

In the last 12 months we completed 767 maintenance checks and repairs.

Satisfaction surveys

We sent out about 800 customer satisfaction surveys to which 398 people replied. We are delighted that 391 (98.24%) were satisfied with the service, with only 7 (1.76%) dissatisfied.