Careline personal alarm service

Our Careline annual report

Careline annual report January 2023 – December 2023

Customer service advisors in a call centre

Harrow Careline personal alarm telecare service supports residents to live longer and independently in their own homes.

Many vulnerable people, particularly those living on their own, need to be able to call for help in an emergency with a press of a button. Harrow Careline provides this valuable service reassuring all service users and their relatives that they are only a press of a button away from receiving help in an emergency.

Harrow Careline delivers within the framework of Telecare Services Association a service that is affordable and of a high quality. The service is also accredited by Telecare Services Association, audited and certified against the Quality Standards Framework.

Our performance

  • Speed of answering calls within 60 seconds - 97.29% of total of 139,140 calls answered
  • Speed of installation for urgent referrals within 2 days -  95.00%      
  • Speed of installation for non-urgent referrals within 15 days - 97.00%
  • Speed of responding to emergencies - we arrived within 45 minutes on site for 93.01% of our call-outs 
  • Speed of dealing with maintenance and repairs - 95.00% critical repairs completed within a day and 100% within 5 days 

Volumes of calls and visits handled by our Community Alarm Officers

  • Calls answered - 139,140
  • Emergency responses to our clients - 378
  • Maintenance and repairs - 311
  • Installations - 472

Customer Satisfaction surveys 2023

We sent out over 500 customer satisfaction surveys; 260 service users replied. We are delighted 97% of our clients are satisfied with the service.