Street cleaning

The streets in Harrow are visited and cleaned regularly by our cleaning teams.  Our approach sees areas with heavy footfall visited more frequently than other areas, for example shopping areas are visited more frequently than a cul-de-sac located in a low footfall residential area. 

By adopting a more targeted approach we are using our resources more efficiently to achieve better cleaning standards across the borough.

Request a street to be cleaned

Whilst you can request a street to be cleaned online please note that our teams visit all areas on a set schedule which means that our street cleaning teams may respond to requests depending on their schedule for that area.

The cleaning teams will not respond to dog fouling or small items such as a cigarette box however your requests help us to build an understanding of clean up hotspots across the borough.

To request a street to be cleaned you will need:

  • the full address of the street which requires cleaning
  • any additional information of what needs to be cleaned, for example needles, litter, staining (vomit, chewing gum or food) or spillages.
  • any photos that will help our cleaning team prepare for the job

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How do we deal with street cleaning?

We clean shopping areas and town centres on a daily basis with parks cleaned weekly and residential areas cleaned every two weeks.

If you notice a street becoming particularly dirty or littered, it is more than likely that it will be dealt with on the next scheduled clean.