Report a blocked drain

Private property issues

Drains, including manholes, that are on private property are the responsibility of the property owner, this includes blocked drains.

Harrow Council is not responsible for such issues and will not be able to help.

Sewers are the responsibility of Thames Water as they are the sewerage authority in the borough and are responsible for the public sewers.

This includes foul and surface water sewers.

If you have a blockage with your foul water pipes or drains, it is advisable to contact Thames Water.

They can check their assets which connect to your property, and can clear those assets if necessary.

Highway drainage issues

The Council Highway Authority is only responsible for the highway surface water drainage on roads that are maintained by the Council.

This primarily means the roadside gullies and the gullies on footways that are maintained by the council.

Report a blocked gully

Please send the following information by email to

  • Location of the gully
  • Description of the issue
  • Photo of the issue (optional)