Fly posting

Fly-posting is displaying adverts and other promotional materials without permission, on buildings, posts, walls, litter bins and elsewhere in public. Fly-posting is mainly done by businesses and community groups that want free advertising.

Permission is required to display an advert on highway-controlled land or structures; all enquiries should be made to the Highways department.

Adverts on private land or buildings may need planning permission; enquiries should be made to the Planning department.

Report fly posting

To report fly posting online you will need:

  • the location of the fly post
  • information on the type of structure the advert is on
  • any extra information such as a photo if it is safe to do so.

Report a fly posting issue

How do we deal with fly posting?

We respond to all fly posting on public land, within three weeks. If there is clear evidence of the perpetrator, we shall also take enforcement action against them.

As a local authority it is possible for us to enforce against illegal displays of advertising on both public and private property.

Fly posting on a bus shelter

We do not deal with fly posting on bus shelters. To report fly posting on bus shelters please call Adshel on 0800 731 3699.

Fly posting on a railway bridge

We do not deal with fly posting on railway bridges. To report fly posting on railway bridges please report this to Network Rail.

Fly posting on a telephone booths or poles

We do not deal with fly posting on telephone booths or poles.