Missed bin collections

Unfortunately, not all bin collections are successful on bin days. We understand how frustrating it can be when your bins are not collected. Especially during periods where volumes of waste are higher such as the holidays.

Top reasons your bin(s) might be missed 

  • bins not being placed in the correct location on bin day
  • the wrong waste being put in the wrong bin type (contamination)
  • the wrong bins being put out on the wrong day
  • excessive waste in or around your bin
  • roadworks causing obstruction to your street or property.

For advice about how to prevent these from happening, see our bin collections page.

Need to report a missed bin collection?

We are sorry our bin crews did not collect your bin(s). You can report a missed bin collection if: 

  • it is after 5pm on your usual bin day and 
  • it is not later than 48 hours since your usual bin day.
  • Enter your postcode on our bins page. Then select the missed bin option under the bin that was not collected. Our bin crews will try to return to collect your missing bin(s) within 72 hours.

Report a missed bin

Please make sure your bin is placed in an accessible location, so the bin crews can collect it. We will email you a reference number which you should keep for future communications.

Why can't I report a missed bin?

If you have come to this section it is likely that you may be unable to report a missed bin for one of a few reasons:

  1. It is not yet 5pm on your bin collection day or
  2. It has been more than 48 hours since your bin collection day. (Including the weekend)
  3. Your bin was contaminated (wrong waste put in the wrong bin type)
  4. Your bins were not placed on the kerb
  5. Our crews didn't have access to your bin(s) at the time of collection
  6. Your bin was overloaded
  7. You put the wrong bin on the kerb

If your bin is missed, you can only report it online after 5pm of that same bin day. If your report is received within 48 hours, our bin crews will be back within three days to collect your bin. (This includes over the weekend.)

Here is an example:

  1. Your usual bin collection day was Monday and your bin was not collected.
  2. You can report your missed bin collection online after 5pm on that same Monday. But no later than 5pm on Wednesday.
  3. Our bin crews will be back on Thursday (or before) to collect the bin you reported online.


Already reported a missed bin and want an update?

You can only report a missed bin collection once. Usually our bin crews will return within three days to collect your missed bin.

Unfortunately some missed bin reports are not always successful. If this is the case, you may be able to follow up your missed bin report.

Important service information:

To follow up your missed bin report you will need your missed bin reference number. Without this reference number you will not be able to follow up a missed bin.

Your reference number is included in your missed bin collection email.

Please note that you can only follow up your request if you have first completed a missed bin report. If you are still waiting for your missed bin to be collected, please complete our follow-up form.