Tenancy guide

Pet ownership

We allow tenants to keep pets at their home as long as they are cared for and looked after in a responsible way. If you have a pet that is causing a nuisance we will work with you to sort out the issue. We will work with other agencies such as the RSPCA.

Responsible Dog Ownership

Harrow Council allow tenants to keep dogs in their flats or houses as long as they are well cared for, responsibly kept and do not cause problems to other residents. As such, we want to make sure dogs are looked after in the best possible way to benefit both dog owners and the wider community.

We have created a Responsible Dog Ownership Agreement to help manage dog ownership for the benefit of all residents and the environment.

The guide includes information on:

  •     General dog care
  •     Keeping dogs under control
  •     Disposal of dog fouling
  •     Breach of tenancy

Dog owners are asked to complete and sign the Responsible Dog Ownership Agreement and submit it to housing.residentservices@harrow.gov.uk.

Cat Ownership

All cats should be microchipped. From 10th June 2024 it will be compulsory for all cats over 20 weeks to be microchipped. Owners who do not have their cats microchipped could face a fine of up to £500.