Housing resident involvement opportunities

Residents Board meetings

The Residents' Board is made up of tenants and leaseholders and meets 6 times a year. The Board's role is to have an overview of all resident involvement, to help review housing strategies, challenge changes to services and look at value for money.

The Residents' Board will work with the council to improve services, hold the council to account and make sure performance is high.

The Board's aims are to:

  • Oversee the resident involvement(RI) approach
  • Carry out financial monitoring and performance against RI objectives
  • Be consulted on key service decisions, with any comments being fed back to the housing leadership team, portfolio holder and cabinet as appropriate.

The Board will be made up of 9 members:

  • 4 tenants
  • 1 leaseholder
  • 1 resident (active and living on an Estate)
  • 2 officers, having experience of different areas of work
  • 1 other officer to write notes at the meeting

To apply to join the Residents Board email: rinvolve@harrow.gov.uk