Council tax Reminder Notice

A Reminder Notice will be sent to you when you haven't paid the correct amount of your instalment, or your payment has not been received by the correct date as shown on your bill.

If you believe you should not have been sent a Reminder Notice, you can find out what to do on the disputes page

How to make a payment

You must pay the amount shown on the Reminder Notice within seven days of its issue date, which appears at the top of the notice. Paying the notice will bring your account up to date and will make sure you avoid being sent a summons to court/ extra costs/ bailiff action.

Don’t forget to pay your next instalment on or before the due date stated on your original bill.

Reminder notices will not be sent for each missing or late instalment – find out how to avoid this happening again.

A council officer may also telephone you using the details that you have provided to discuss payment options on overdue amounts.