Council tax single person discount

Council tax bills are based on two or more adults (i.e. people aged 18 or over) living in the property. If you are the only adult living in your property you may qualify for single person discount and your council tax bill will be reduced by 25%.


If your application is accepted we will apply the discount from the date of the application.

Backdating your application

If you would like your application to be backdated by more than 183 days and it is due to a person leaving the property, please provide the following documents and upload them to the evidence form.

  • the new address for the person who has vacated
  • the date the person vacated  

Cancelling your discount

If you would like to cancel a discount or exemption, please confirm the date you want this to stop, including the reason and submit it to us via our online form.

Households with two or more adults

If there are two or more adults living in your property, such as a son or daughter, you may still qualify for a discount on your bill.  For more information see the council tax discounts and exemptions page.