Sole or main residence

If you have more than one property and your sole or main residence is elsewhere, it is unlikely that you will qualify for the Single Person Discount (SPD) for your second home. If your property is owned by you and you are seeking to claim an SPD for a period in between tenancies, it is possible that you may not qualify for this discount unless you have taken up residency in it. Please see the below

If you have more than one home, we will need to be clear about where your sole or main residence is. Therefore we need to know the following: 

  • Where does your family reside? 
  • Where do your children go to school?  
  • Where are the majority of your possessions kept? 
  • Do you normally rent out this property and if so, is this is a period in between tenancies? You will not be entitled to a single person discount unless you can show evidence that you moved to this address after the former tenant(s) left. This may be removal receipts, notifications to your insurance company and/or mortgage company. 
  • Where are you registered for your GP and / or dentist?  
  • What security of tenure do you hold in this property? (e.g. do you own or rent it?)
  • How much time do you spend at this property on average in a week? (e.g. 2 days)
  • Where are you registered for voting purposes?  
  • Does this property comprise your main home for the purpose of your buildings and contents home insurance? 
  • Do you have a buy to let mortgage?

If after considering the above, you still feel that you are the only adult resident at the address and that it is your sole or main residence, please continue with your application.

If your answers to the above appear to indicate that your sole or main residence is elsewhere, then it is unlikely that you will be entitled to the SPD here.

If you are working abroad please note that your home address would still be considered your sole/main residence if you have intention to return to the property.