Council tax discounts and exemptions

Cancel a discount or exemption

To cancel a discount or exemption you will need to write a letter stating the following information: 

  • the date you would like the discount or exemption to end and the reason
  • the name of the person moving into the property and your relationship to them - if cancelling a single person discount
  • your council tax reference number

The letter can be submitted online by following the instructions below:

  1. Scan your supporting documents using either a scanner or taking a picture of it using your mobile phone.
  2. Send the scanned/pictured image to your computer eg by email or text.
  3. Attach the image and answer all the questions on the evidence form.

To confirm if a new  bill has been issued or to check the status of your request please check your MyHarrow Account.

You can request for a discount or exemption to be cancelled in advance - a bill will be issued 14 days before the discount or exemption is due to end. It can also be cancelled to a date as far back as you choose.