Parent and toddler groups

These are informal groups where parents/carers, and their children can go to have fun, engage in a variety of activities and meet new people.

Parents/carers stay with and are responsible for their children, throughout the session. Every group is different and it may take a few visits before you get to know the group and feel part of it.

What happens at parent and toddler group?

Each session lasts for approximately two hours, promoting children’s early learning through a variety of fun play opportunities. Most groups have a baby corner for new mums to make friends and enjoy a coffee.

Although this will vary, contact your local groups to see the sorts of things they do. Most groups will provide opportunities for: 

  • Babies to play and explore in a safe area with appropriate toys and equipment
  • Free play with a good range of toys including larger equipment that is suitable for all ages
  • Craft activities that may involve cutting, sticking or painting and on occasions cooking
  • Singing time often at the end of a session to allow for clearing away of toys
  • A refreshment break for adults and children including hot and cold drinks for the adults and healthy snacks or biscuits for the children.

How much do they charge?

Charges will vary depending on the group you choose to attend. The charges are to cover the cost of refreshments, craft materials or special activities such as a Christmas Party.

Who organises the group?

Parent and toddler groups are often run on a voluntary basis and do not have to be registered by Ofsted. Some are organised and run by churches and other community faith groups.

Age of Children

Different groups vary and your child may be able to attend from birth, although most generally suggest around three months old.  Your child can usually attend until they start school.

How to find a group

You can download a current list of parent and toddler groups or search for them using the family resource directory.

If you run a parent and toddler group and would like to add the details to our directory, or would like to find out more, please contact the Families Information Service.