Social value, climate change and sustainability in procurement

Harrow’s commitment to social value in procurement

In January 2013 The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 (the ‘Social Value Act’) became law. The Social Value Act requires the Council to explore ways to improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of our area through procurement processes for works contracts, subject to public procurement regulations.

In line with public procurement regulations the Council has also adopted a Social Value Policy that builds upon the Social Value Act. It also includes a requirement for the Council to consider how we can improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of our area through all Council procurements and to measure the benefits that this brings to the communities we serve.

The Social Value agenda is a high priority. It is the Council’s intention that the delivery of this contract will assist in the achievement of objectives around social, economic and environmental sustainability as described below:

  • New employment opportunities resulting from delivery of this contract that will be shared with Harrow residents in the same way, so others can compete (including those who are currently without work). This ensures they have the free and fair opportunity to compete for the opportunities.
  • A commitment to work with the Council to identify how opportunities will be delivered, particularly to the young people of Harrow, through contract delivery. Such opportunities will include new apprenticeships, training and/or other skills development opportunities and college/school talks. An Employer Guide to Apprenticeships can be found here.
  • This contract will result in suppliers, based in Harrow, being given the free and fair opportunity to compete for sub-contracting and supply chain opportunities. This will be in the same way so that other suppliers can compete for those opportunities.
  • The negative impact on the environment resulting from delivery of this contract will be minimised.

Information on sustainability and climate change

Like many local authorities, in 2019 Harrow Council declared a Climate Emergency. This was in response to the serious consequences of human induced greenhouse gas emissions causing global warming and the range of associated negative ecological impacts.

In response, the Council aims to make the London Borough of Harrow carbon neutral by 2030, taking into account both production and consumption of emissions. A key action the Council identified is to use procurement processes to help deliver low carbon goods and services via its supply chain.

For further background information, see the Council’s draft strategic response to the climate crisis and its interim action plan.

West London Alliance - Low Carbon Emissions Supplier Training

Harrow Council has declared a climate emergency with an ambition to become a carbon neutral organisation. Along with many other West London Alliance boroughs we have also resolved to reduce the carbon emissions generated by our supply chains. To that end we have developed a Low Carbon Supplier Charter and Low Carbon Procurement Policy. This approach is intended to ensure that all our suppliers are committed to joining us on this important journey to reduce carbon emissions. Together we can make a real and significant contribution to securing a cleaner and greener planet for future generations.

As part of this work, we recently delivered training to SMEs in our supply chain to create greater knowledge and awareness. We have made the recording of this available for everyone to watch. Please do take time to watch the recording as it has valuable information which will be useful to anyone wishing to tender for opportunities within the public sector.