Home composting

Home composting is a natural process that transforms garden and food waste into nutrient-rich food for plants. 

From lawn clippings to weeds, shrub trimmings to dead flowers, home composting reduces carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

You can also add bio-degradable kitchen waste, including fruit and vegetable peelings.

Find out what waste you can and cannot put into your compost bin.

Start home composting

You can start composting your own garden waste by ordering a new home compost bin from us.

  • Compost bins are £30 each and can be ordered below
  • The dimensions of our compost bins are: height: 90.0cm x width:74.0cm x diameter :74.0cm

Order a home compost bin


Please note that your compost bin may take up to four weeks to be delivered.

When your compost bin arrives, all you need to do is place bio-degradable waste in your bin and let nature do the rest.