Conversation Café

Conversation cafe team

The Conversation Café is a welcoming and safe drop-in session. It is for Harrow residents to meet face-to-face with staff from the Council and community partners.

Everyone is welcome to drop in for chat. We especially encourage those who feel vulnerable, have a disability, or residents who are unpaid Carers.

If you need support to access information online you can visit Conversation Café where we will be happy to help you.

We also welcome members of the public drop in to speak to our Adult Social Care finance teams.

  • Adult Social Care representatives join Conversation Café every Tuesday.
  • Citizens Advice Bureau representatives join Conversation Café every Tuesday.
  • Housing colleagues join Conversation Café every two weeks.
  • The Adult Social Care finance team join Conversation café on the last Tuesday of every month

Please note that we aren't able to assist with people experiencing homelessness.

When can I attend a Conversation Café event?

We run the Conversation Café every Tuesday. It takes place between 10am and 3pm at St Peter's Church, Sumner Road, West Harrow, HA1 4BX.

Conversation Café has become very busy. So we kindly ask guests to arrive no later than 2pm to ensure we are able to support as many guests as is possible.

Hosting a community event in Harrow?

If you are hosting a community event in Harrow, invite the Conversation Café team to join you! We can provide information, advice and support to Harrow residents.

For more information, please email