Report an issue with fallen leaves

Fallen leaves can be a health and safety risk especially if they are wet and form a slip hazard. Fallen leaves can also cause drainage issues and block street signs and markings.

Before you start

To report an issue with fallen leaves you will need to tell us:

  • where the build-up of leaves is
  • any more information such as a photo to show the area

Report fallen leaves

How we deal with leaf clearing

Our street cleaning and local parks crews clear leaves between October and January. This means that our teams only clear leaves across Harrow between these months.

If you notice a build-up of fallen leaves during this period you can report it online. We may not respond to all reports, but your reports help us understand trouble spots in the borough.

What can I do about fallen leaves?

You are responsible for clearing leaves in your own property and garden. Leaves can be composted along with other food waste.

This improves your soil for the next growing season. You can also dispose of leaves in your Garden waste bin.