Leaf clearing

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Our street cleaning and local parks crews clear leaves on a regular basis between October and January. However this is dependant on the weather, if it is raining we may not clear areas where leaves have fallen.

Fallen leaves can create a health and safety risk for our residents in Harrow, especially if they are wet as they can become slippery or trip hazards.

Fallen leaves can also cause drainage issues and can obstruct street signage and road markings.

Request leaves to be cleared

To request leaves to be cleared you will need to tell us:

  • where the build-up of leaves are located
  • any additional information such as a photo to show the area

Begin report

How do we deal with leaf clearing?

Our street cleaning and local parks crews clear leaves on a regular basis from October to January.

This means that our teams will only clear leaves across Harrow between these months but if you notice a build-up of fallen leaves during this period you can report it online.

Please note that we may not respond to all reports but they are useful in helping us to understand hot spots in the borough and areas where we can focus our cleaning resources. 

What can I do about fallen leaves?

Residents are responsible for leaf clearance and disposal in their own property and garden.

Leaves can be composted along with other food waste to help improve your soil for the next growing season, or taken away as part of the garden waste collection service.