Report overgrown grass

Our grass verge teams and local park crews cut the grass on public land on a schedule between March and October.

However this is dependent on the weather, if it is raining we may not cut the grass.

We aim to keep our grassy areas looking neat, tidy and safe for our residents in Harrow.

We are responsible for the maintenance of all public parks and open spaces, allotments, cemeteries and roadside verges as well as housing estates and other customers such as schools and children’s centres.

Please note that we may not respond to all reports but they are useful in helping us to understand hot spots in the borough and areas where we can focus our resources. 

Before you start

To report an overgrown grassy area or verge you will need:

  • Information on where the overgrown grass is located
  • Any extra information such as a photo to show the grassy area

Report an overgrown grass issue

How do we deal with overgrown grass?

Our grass verges team and local parks crews cut the grass on public land on a schedule between March and October each year.

This means that our teams will only mow the grassy areas across Harrow between these months but if you notice the grass becoming abnormally long during this period you can report it online.

We only cut grass for safety reasons such as to maintain visibility at junctions. Where grass clippings are not collected, they are blown back onto the grass to avoid any obstruction.