Pre-application advice

What happens after I apply for pre-application advice?

Once we have received your application and payment of the fees we will check to ensure the correct payment figure has been received and we will contact you if further payment is required. 

If you have paid for a meeting we will contact you to arrange this for a time and date which is convenient for you. 

Once your case officer has composed their advice, they will send you a pre-application response letter with their findings. 

How long does it take?

Written responses

We aim to provide written responses within 15 working days (householder/small business) or 20 working days (all other enquiries) of receiving your valid enquiry.

If a meeting is requested we aim to agree a date with you within 10 working days followed by a written response within 15/20 working days of the date of the meeting.

If it is not possible to provide you with a response within this timeframe we will contact you within the 15/20 working days to agree a revised time frame.


If you would like to meet an Officer to discuss the proposal, you may request this on the Enquiry Form. Fees for each category of development are set out in the attached Schedule.

Please note that a meeting will not be arranged until all of the plans and associated documents have been received, and the appropriate fee has been paid in full.

Payment must be submitted with the application. Please refer to attached schedule of fees. A response will then be issued from 15 working days from the date of the meeting.