Pre-application advice

Complete a pre-application service enquiry

How to complete a pre-application enquiry

  • Firstly you will need to sign in or register for a MyHarrow Account
  • Use the 'Complete Pre-application' link below to access the portal
  • Once you are in the portal please click on the 'Planning' option and 'Submit Preapplication'.

Complete Pre-application enquiry

Payments for any pre-application advice services are made at the time of submitting the application.

Refund Policy

Please note that if a customer cancels a meeting it is likely that a major portion of the fee will not be refunded.

This is because we need to cover the cost of the research and preparatory work we would have done ahead of the meeting. However, we will try to accommodate requests to rearrange meetings.

If the meeting is cancelled by the Planning service, an alternative time for the meeting will be offered. If the alternative is not acceptable to the customer, the fee will be refunded in full.


Whilst pre-application advice is more likely to result in a speedier and positive outcome, planning permission cannot be guaranteed.

The final decision on some applications is made by Council Members. Decisions are made following consultation with the public and statutory bodies. In some cases the decision is delegated to senior officers.

Therefore the pre-application advice we provide is without prejudice to the final decision which is made on the planning application.

The Council will not publish any pre-application material on its public access website. You should be aware that we might receive a request from a third party for disclosure of pre-application material relating to your site.

This is under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act and/or the Environmental Information Regulations.

If a request for disclosure of pre-application material is received from a third party then the Council will need to consider it.

We will explore whether there is any exception that allows us to refuse it, in accordance with the relevent legislation.

If you believe the pre-application material relating to your site should remain confidential, please include these in the confidentiality section of our pre-application request form.

This is so that we can consider whether these reasons amount to an exception to disclosure. In addition, it is in case we receive a request for pre-application material in the future under the Freedom of Information Act and/or the Environmental Information Regulations.