Current Local Plan

The Local Development Scheme

This page contains information on the performance and development of Harrow's Local Plan. It includes the most recent Authority's Monitoring Report, local development scheme, and the Statement of Community Involvement.


Monitoring is a vital component of a successful Local Plan. Where monitoring reveals that desired outcomes are not being achieved, or unintended consequences are occurring, this may trigger a review of implementation, or a policy review, or necessitate some other intervention.

Harrow's first Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) was produced in December 2005. The fourteenth AMR which covers two monitoring years from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2019, seeks to build upon the findings of previous reports.

See the Authority's Monitoring Report 2017-18/2018-19. *The 2019-20/2020-21 report is currently being prepared (October 2023)

For monitoring of Prior Approval Office to Residential Applications see our Office to Residential Monitoring Report (October 2023).

Previous Annual/Authority's Monitoring Reports (AMR's)

Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

Harrow has adopted an SCI which sets out how we will consult and involve the community in preparing planning policy documents and in deciding planning applications.

See the Statement of Community Involvement (Adopted January 2024)

Local Development Scheme (LDS)

The LDS is a timetable that details when Local Plan documents will be produced. To keep the LDS up to date with national and regional planning policy changes, the council periodically amends the LDS.

See the current Local Development Scheme (February 2023)