High Street Fund

Over the past 18 months, we have invested in a range of business support programmes to help business growth in Harrow.

The High Street Fund is centrally funded programme which is intended to identify areas of improvements to support local district centres. It offers an opportunity to refresh the area, creating a vibrant, safer and more pleasant environment for all. We’ve been working with Ward Councillors, and the local community to drive forward this change.

It is worth noting that the High Street Fund Programme has very clear guidelines on what it  can be used for. It can be used for new and improved crossings, road safety improvements, outdoor seating areas and planting spaces, street furniture, artistic features, and lighting features. It cannot be used on shop fronts or general tidying up or litter collection.

Initiatives such as the High Street Fund, help make places more appealing to businesses looking to invest in an area. Improvements can lead to increased footfall on the high streets which helps to stimulate the local economy which are all vitally important as businesses recover from the impact of the pandemic.

The fund along with other support packages available for local businesses, enhances the opportunities for the high street and surrounding areas. We have distributed £62 million in government grants to more than 900 local businesses; provided businesses with free 1:1 business advice, training, and health checks, and invested in a Business Skills Accelerator programme, helping 250 local microbusinesses trade online. Find out more on our Business Advice and Support pages.

Support also includes grants for businesses impacted by COVID-19, as well as grants for local traders associations and partnerships, to develop activities to promote their areas.

If you are interested in finding out whether you qualify for a grant, please visit our Business Grants page for more information. You can also subscribe to receive the business newsletter each fortnight.

See High Street Fund Frequently Asked Questions.

The High Streets

The High Street Fund Programme has identified four high streets across Harrow that would benefit from the funding. They are located in the following district centres: 

  • Edgware
  • North Harrow
  • South Harrow
  • Rayners Lane

Not all high streets are the same, but they can experience similar problems. Therefore, we are working closely with our technical advisors to develop designs, that not only help to improve the high street area, but also reflect the individuality of each district centre.

You can find out more about the individual schemes at  harrowhighstreetfund.commonplace.is 

Your views are very important to us

We are really interested to hear your views on the High Street Fund proposals and therefore, consultation and engagement with local residents, business and communities is being carried out in each of the high street areas.

All feedback is shared with the High Street Fund Programme Board, to ensure that all views are included in the individual high street scheme recommendations.

An initial consultation on stage 1 options for the high streets, took place in the spring (April/ May 2021), to see which proposals local residents and businesses wanted to take forward to improve their area. You can read the feedback report.

Further opportunities to give us your views about your local district centre will be available during the improvement programme. We would like to hear from local residents, businesses and the community - see details of local events taking place.

We’d like to work with local residents including young people, community groups and businesses. If you would like to be involved in activities, email us at [email protected]