Parking suspensions and dispensations

Suspension and dispensation outline

Parking suspensions

A suspension of pay-and-display bays can be requested where required. However, as there is a loss of income resulting from the suspension, 100% of the daily rate is applied per bay, per day of suspension, plus an administration fee.  You should remember that it is an offence to:

  • hold a parking space by blocking it off with cones or other objects
  • block a parking space, for example with a skip or building materials, without a license

Both of these actions are considered to be an obstruction of the highway.

Parking dispensations

Existing parking controls have been designed to accommodate most routine events. However, there are some occasions when the existing regulations restrict an individual's plans and activities. Such situations include building works, shopfitting and moving home. 

The dispensation is issued to a particular vehicle for use at a particular location. It is not flexible and cannot be used at any other time or any other location.

You must display your dispensation on the windscreen or dashboard of the vehicle.  If it is not visible to a parking attendant, you may receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

To accommodate these situations, applicants can apply for a dispensation. In effect, this is a temporary permit that allows a specific vehicle to park within a controlled parking zone or on a single yellow line during restricted hours. Dispensations are rarely issued in the following circumstances:

  • when off-street parking such as a driveway is available
  • for parking on double yellow lines
  • for zig-zags
  • for bus stops or
  • in disabled parking bays.

Dispensations for building works

Dispensations can be applied for by the resident, or by the builder or contractor carrying out the work.  The types of work where dispensations may be granted include:

  • building works
  • glazing
  • site access
  • removals
  • large deliveries
  • tree surgery

Parking operations

The Parking Operations team can be contacted directly Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm on 020 8424 1858. Outside of these hours, please contact the Civic Centre on 020 8863 5611