Disabled parking spaces

If you are disabled you may be able to get a disabled parking space outside your home. This service is free. To qualify for a disabled parking space:

  • You will need to have a Blue Badge.
  • You must have a disability that makes it hard for you to move around. This means you can't walk or walking is dangerous for you and could make your health worse.
  • Your address must not have parking off the street. If the available parking is not good, that also counts.
  • It should be difficult for you to park on the street most of the day. We will assess your street when we receive your application.

If you are the passenger of the vehicle, as well as the above you must:

  • need constant help from the driver of the car and they must live at the same address as you or,
  • the driver provides your primary care and is the only person who does so.

Before you apply

To apply for a disabled parking space you will need:

  • Your Blue Badge number
  • Your Blue Badge expiry date
  • Your log book (V5C document)
  • Your driving licence
  • Your vehicle insurance information.

Apply for a disabled parking space

If you are unable to upload documents online you can send your documents by post. You will need to submit your application online first.

Things to consider

  • The disabled space is not only for you. Other Blue Badge holders can use it.
  • We will assess how a disabled parking bay affects parking on the whole road. If 30% of your road has disabled parking spaces, it's likely new applications will not be approved.
  • The car for which the space is intended must be regularly used by you and based at your address.
  • New applications may be denied if there is off-street parking available nearby.
  • Turning your front garden into a parking area could be an option. If the vehicle needs to cross a footway or verge, you'll need to apply for a vehicle crossing.
  • Road safety, width, and type will be taken into account with your application.
  • Spaces won't be provided:
    • near road junctions,
    • roundabouts,
    • main traffic routes,
    • areas with yellow lines,
    • on private roads.
  • Applications won't be accepted for visitors, carers or taxis.
  • Carers have special rules for parking in certain areas. See our parking permits for businesses and healthcare providers page.