Disabled parking spaces

A disabled parking space can be allocated outside your home due to a disability. There is no charge for this service.

Eligibility criteria

If you are the driver of the vehicle:

  • You must have a Blue Badge.
  • Your disability must be related to permanent mobility problems. Either walking is impossible, or attempting to walk is dangerous for you or could lead to serious deterioration of health.
  • The applicant's address must have no off-street parking. Alternatively the facilities that are available can be shown to be unsuitable.
  • your ability to park on-street must be a major problem most of the day. The council will carry out observations of your road to check this.

If you are the passenger of the vehicle in addition to the above, you must:

  • require physical assistance from the driver of the vehicle, and that they are the only person available to assist you. The driver must also live at the same address as you.
  • You must be sufficiently disabled to need constant supervision by the driver of the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle should be the only person available to provide this supervision.
  • You must be aged 2 to 17 and meet either or both of the criteria above.

Additional considerations

  • You will not have exclusive use of the space. Any Blue Badge holder can use it.
  • The council will consider the effect on parking for the whole road. If more than 30% of your road is already taken up by disabled spaces it is unlikely any more will be approved.
  • The car for which the space is intended must be in regular use by the applicant and be permanently based at the applicant's address.
  • Spaces will not normally be provided if there is off street parking space available at or within an acceptable walking distance. Converting a front garden into a parking area might be more suitable. If this requires the vehicle to cross the footway or verge you will need to apply for a vehicle crossing.
  • Road safety, road width and type of road will be considered. Spaces will not be provided near to:
    • road junctions
    • roundabouts
    • main traffic routes
    • where there are existing yellow lines
    • on private roads


Applications will not be considered for visitors or carers, taxis, hospital drivers, dial-a-ride or others for the purpose of picking up or setting down passengers. There are separate provisions to help carers who need to park in a controlled parking zone. For more information see parking permits for businesses and healthcare professionals.