Apply for a vehicle crossing (dropped kerb)

A vehicle crossing is a ramp on the footway connecting it to the road surface. Vehicle crossings are also known as dropped kerbs. They are particularly useful for those with disabilities or young children.

The council can construct vehicle crossings at the request of any resident who meets the eligibility criteria. We can also widen existing crossings or relocate them.

If your application is approved the works will be carried out by the council's contractor. Our contractors are the only ones approved to carry out this work. It is an offence for any other persons to do this work without the council’s permission.

Vehicle crossings are constructed for domestic vehicle use only (standard cars). If you need a vehicle crossing for building works or heavier vehicles, please contact us to discuss your case first.

Before you apply

Before making your application read the guide to applying for a vehicle crossing

  • You will need to provide a sketch of your request. Please view this example of a detailed sketch.

Apply for a vehicle crossing

Footway scheme

Reduced rates are available if the pavement on your street is being resurfaced.

Please email or call 020 8416 8783.