Fees & charges and terms of use

Public IT acceptable use policy

The Harrow Library Network (HLN) provides internet access in our libraries. It is our mission to provide opportunities for learning and living to our library users.

Internet access is free and is available to all. Non library members need to show a passport, driving licence, ID card on first use. They will be issued with a user card which must be shown on future occasions. Members need to upgrade their membership before using the internet.

Access to the internet is conditional upon compliance with the policy for acceptable use below.

Customers are asked to note the following:

  • Use headphones for audio or video.
  • Users cannot view offensive or embarrassing content.
  • Users must not use the Internet for illegal activities.

Users can book:

  • a session for up to 60 minutes
  • no more than two sessions in one day.

Each booking is held for ten minutes after the start time. If users do not log in within that time, the booking for that session will be cancelled.

We check public PCs to ensure that users follow the rules. Library staff can end internet access for misuse.

Users up to the age of 16 must submit a consent form. It must be signed by a parent or guardian. They must also provide proof of their signature. This is needed before using the internet, even if they are library members. Forms of acceptable ID include:

  • homework diary
  • passport
  • driving licence
  • cheque guarantee card etc.

All printing must be paid for, see staff for current prices.

HLN has no control over the quality of information on the internet. Some internet information may be wrong. It may also be offensive. HLN provides access to e-mail services, but does not offer access to:

  • network games
  • chat rooms/discussion groups
  • social networking sites.

We recommend caution using online banking.

HLN uses filtering software. It guards against illegal and offensive sites. We subscribe to a 3rd party filtering service. But, please be aware that no filter can be 100% efficient or up to date. The internet is ever changing.

We cannot guarantee that we will suppress offensive material. You are responsible for your own viewing and for that of users under 18 in your care.

If you feel that a site has been filtered in error, report this to staff. They will investigate.

When using our computers in our libraries, you agree to abide by the following:

  • You must use your own library card to book a computer.
  • You agree that you will not use login credentials of other users.
  • You are responsible for keeping your password secret and secure. Only one person is allowed at a computer unless agreed otherwise with staff. If you have booked a session, you must log into the computer within 10 minutes of the start time. If not, your session will be cancelled.
  • Sessions may be extended. This is subject to other bookings, PC availability, and library hours. It is only at the senior on duty’s discretion.
  • Please be considerate of other computer users. Respect their privacy and behave in a way that does not disrupt their use of the facilities or cause them discomfort. When using a program that produces sound, headphones must be used.
  • Do not view, send or publish anything that could be considered obscene or offensive. This includes porn, violence, or racist material. This also applies to use of your own equipment on library premises.
  • You are not allowed to install your own software and may use only those applications provided.
  • You must not damage the equipment, or alter or delete installed software. You must not attempt to bypass our security systems.
  • Please be aware that external storage devices will be scanned for viruses and infected files may be deleted.
  • Do not break copyright laws. This includes when downloading, copying, or printing.
  • Parents or guardians are responsible for children's use of the internet.
  • Documents saved to any public computer are deleted at the end of a session. This includes cookies and web browsing history. In case of malfunction, be sure to delete any confidential data and log out of any online accounts.
  • Be aware of how much time you have remaining and save your work to external storage. Staff cannot guarantee that your session can be extended. Documents saved to a computer cannot be recovered after a session has ended.
  • You must also take responsibility for your own activities. Be mindful of your online safety. Be careful when sending sensitive data.
  • We are not responsible for errors, damage, or loss of data.
  • We keep a record of how computer facilities have been used. We follow GDPR and try to protect your personal information. But, we may have to give data about your computer use to the police or other authorised agencies.

For more information see our Privacy policy.

User responsibilities and Code of Conduct

We have limited resources for public Internet access. So, we can limit how long one person can use it. All users must agree to a code of conduct for use of free internet services.

You may not:

  • Use computers to make unauthorised entry into other computers or networks.
  • Use the our internet resources for business. Do not use them for commercial activity, like distributing adverts.
  • Try to access porn, or other offensive material. The library staff’s decision whether material falls into these categories is final.
  • Invade the privacy of others. This includes not pretending to be another user. And not trying to access or change files, passwords, or data belonging to others.
  • Make any attempt to damage computer equipment or software, or to alter the set-up on library computers.
  • Install your own software or tamper with files on the library computers.
  • Download files, torrents, magnets, or similar files. Or, use library computers for file sharing.
  • Do not harass or defame others. This includes using obscene, offensive, or racist language.
  • Do not use the internet for any illegal activity. This includes violating copyright or other rights of third parties.
  • Download illegal, protected or copyright material.
  • Visit pirate websites. These are designed to infringe copyright rules.
  • Visit proxy websites. These are designed to avoid filtering.
  • Post content that is violent, discriminatory, or unlawful. Also, don't post content that infringes or is hateful or pornographic.
  • Use the Library’s address for deliveries.

Violations may result in loss of access. We will handle unlawful activities. We will deal with them appropriately.

Children and Parents/Carers

Parents and carers are responsible for children’s use of the Internet. Children aged 7 and under must be accompanied by a parent or carer to use the internet. If you are concerned about your child accessing the internet please supervise them. If you find an unsuitable site, tell a staff member. They will investigate.

You may find the following websites of help:

Controversial material

Providing access does not mean HLN endorses the content. It also does not imply that HLN sanctions the viewpoint of any information or commentary found on the internet.

Our PCs are shared by library users of all ages and backgrounds. We ask you to be sensitive of others’ values and beliefs. Library staff will intervene if the public abuses the facility. For example, by displaying material that could offend other users.

Staff help

Staff will assist library users in getting started on the Internet. Staff will try to answer your questions about the internet. They will also offer tips for effective searching. Staff can also provide internet training. They can also help with internet books and manuals. However, they are not able to give computer training nor to carry out extensive research.


The Library can offer web-based e-mail accounts to library users. Users are expected to observe this Internet Use Agreement in all use of e-mail facilities on library premises.


Users should know that the internet is not secure. 3rd parties can get information about your activities.

We will not release data on the use of certain internet sites by the public. We will only do so as needed by law or for the Library's operation. All transactions, files, and messages are open to unauthorised access. Users undertake such transactions at their own risk.

E-commerce and Trading

Many internet services now include the opportunity to buy goods or services. Please do not use the library address for the delivery of any goods you buy.

Internet fraud is common. We recommend that you do not use library computers for online purchasing. Only use them for purchases through accounts that don't ask for a credit card number.

Do not enter into any online service agreement unless you trust their commitment. We have no duty (as allowed by law) to pay you for financial loss, whether we are negligent.

This includes loss of profit, time, savings, data, or use. It also includes loss from business interruption. It covers disclosure of confidential information, and service use or access.

It also includes loss from service failure, suspension, or withdrawal or damage to property. This applies to this agreement whether we knew of the possible loss or damage.

Compliance with the Library Policy and Guidelines

The Library can take action to make sure people follow the policy. This includes taking away internet access. We will contact the police in cases which involve illegal activity.


We are not responsible for any claim or action caused by using this service. This includes any damage, loss, cost, charge, or expense suffered by any person.

Questions, comments and concerns

Harrow Library Service wants to know what you think of its internet service. Please feel free to ask questions or raise concerns at any time. If your concern can't be fixed right away by a staff member, please fill out a comments form.

This will allow the matter to be raised with a senior manager. Also see: Wi-Fi Service Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions.