Fees & charges and terms of use

Harrow libraries terms of service

Borrowing items

It is free to join Harrow Libraries. The Library Authority provides facilities for borrowing range of items by current holders of a valid LLC library card. This included books, magazines, [...]

See the complete terms and conditions policy here.

Fees and charges

 See details of our fees and charges here.

Using our internet services

The Harrow Library Network provides access to Internet resources in libraries. This is in accordance with our mission to provide opportunities for learning and living to library users.

Internet access is free and is available to all. Users who are not library members must produce adequate identification (passport, driving licence, ID card etc.) on first use and will be issued with a user card to be shown on future occasions. Library members must have their membership upgraded before using the Internet.

See the complete acceptable use policy here.

Harrow libraries GDPR privacy notice

The privacy notice broadly explains what information we collect in order to deliver library services to you. It explains the purpose for processing categories of personal information, and who we may share it with. 

See the privacy notice here