Major works for council tenants

The Housing Capital Programme is delivered on an annual basis by the Asset Management Team. The programme comprises routine repairs, fire safety and compliance and renewal schemes.

We aim to deliver a balanced programme of investment based on information provided by our Asset, Planning & Data team, with a focus on health and safety.  We have developed a Fire Safety Standard.

The various programmes we run are classed as Major Works and more information can be found below:

Kitchens and bathrooms

Kitchens and bathroom programs are determined by:

  • The life expectancy of the current kitchen or bathroom that was installed
  • Inspections that are undertaken by Harrow Council's Stock Condition Surveyors

A kitchen is expected to last approximately 25 years whereas a bathroom would be 30 years.

Our kitchen units are currently provided by Symphony - a kitchen supplier that survey, design and tailor each kitchen for the property. Symphony use pre-built units which are quality checked at every stage of production.


Before the work takes place, Harrow Council will invite you to an Open Day or online consultation where the contractor and the Councils Planned Investment Team can answer any questions you have about the process. You will also have the opportunity to make choices on the types of wall colour, worktop or door handles that you would like in your home.

If you would like to see examples of the materials available for kitchen upgrades please look at the Kitchen/Bathroom Choice Sheet and Specifications Guide


The length of time a contractor will need to complete the works can vary, but an expected guideline could be as follows:

  • Days 1-3: Remove plumbing, install electrics
  • Days 4-6: Plastering, fit kitchen units, tiling
  • Days 7-9: Decorating, fitting vinyl, finishing touches
  • Day 10: Inspection

All of our contractors should be wearing company uniform with ID cards. They are expected to treat your home and yourself with professionalism and respect, being courteous and diligent at all times.

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Windows and doors

Window and door programmes are planned based on the life existing window or door and inspections by our surveyors.

All of our window and door sets are surveyed, measured, designed and once agreed are sent to be individually produced. We take into account the level of security and safety needed in each property and meet the latest building regulations and British Standards.

The chosen contractor to install the windows and/or doors will liaise with you throughout the course of the works on what to expect and dealing with any issues that may arise.


Before the work takes place, Harrow Council will invite you to an Open Day or online consultation where the contractor and the Councils Planned Investment Team can answer any questions you have about the process. You will also have the opportunity to make choices on the types of door style and colour you would like.

For examples of styles available on door programmes please see the Windows/Doors Choice Sheet and Specifications Guide.

What to expect

The approximate manufacture time for a window or door is 6 weeks. The installation period will usually take no longer than one working day. You would be notified by the contractor of an appointment to survey the property and be given notice of when the installation is due.

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Communal improvements

Currently we redecorate the external painted surfaces of our properties every 5 years, at the same time we paint any decorated parts of communal areas of flats.  We do not decorate any internal parts of your home as this is part of your responsibility under your tenancy agreement.

What does the project include?

The project involves the repair and redecoration of all previously painted external surfaces and all previously painted surfaces to internal common areas, (where applicable), to various blocks/flats/maisonettes/houses/bungalows and sheltered accommodation within the district.
We have also used this opportunity to upgrade the paintwork to the wall and ceiling surfaces to the internal common parts of flats/maisonettes to Class O fire rating by using the specialist application of the Timonox finish which inhibits the spread of fire within a building.

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We undertake pitched roof and flat roof replacements as part of our Decent Homes programme.  As with all planned improvements, the work is programmed based on information received from a stock condition survey.

Many of the older roofs have either no/defective under felt, poor rainwater goods and slipped or broken tiles, all of which are being replaced. In addition, the loft cavities are being insulated to comply with current building regulations to improving the energy efficiency of the properties being worked on.

The new roofs being installed have ventilated eaves and ridges meaning they comply fully with the building regulations. In addition, they will be fully insulated, thereby improving the energy efficiency of the properties and reducing the carbon footprint of the properties, saving money for the residents simultaneously.

In terms of flat roofing Harrow specifies a high-performance range of liquid waterproofing systems. These systems are extremely versatile, completely cold applied and are guaranteed up to 25 years

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Boilers and heating

Heating Replacement programmes are determined by the life expectancy of the previous installation and inspections by Stock Condition Surveyors.

Our heating equipment is supplied by Liberty Group, who survey, design and install boilers in each property.
Liberty Group will liaise with you throughout the course of the work on what to expect and deal with any issues that may arise.

What to expect

A boiler upgrade takes 1 day. A heating system requires replacement (i.e. boiler, radiator and pipework)  will take between 1-3 days.

  • Before work commences, we expect you to remove/ box up items of furniture or belongings where access will be required.
  • You will be required to lift up your solid flooring/ laminate flooring, unless advised otherwise on the day of the survey.

On completion, the whole system will be under warrantee for 7 years which is managed through Liberty Group. If you would like to see examples of the boilers that we use please see the Boiler Specifications Guide

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Security and compliance

These works are packaged to improve overall security, comply with current health and safety standards and to revamp all communal spaces

This project may include:

  • Door entry - the current system and doors will be upgraded. May also include a video entry system, external letter boxes, modification to block access or gated entry installation.
  • Internal decorations - includes walls, ceilings and handrails.
  • Communal flooring - corridor floors and stairs will be upgraded with a vinyl covering.
  • Lighting - internal communal/emergency lighting will be upgraded.
  • Doors - all doors and frames which are required to provide at least 30 minutes fire resistance will be upgraded.
  • Service ducts - carry items such as cables and pipes though the building. These may be upgraded to ensure we comply with current health and safely regulations.
  • Fire detection system - provide hardwired interlinked fire alarm systems for fire/heat and smoke detection to LD2 standards
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) sensors - where required the addition of an interlinked CO sensor/alarm to the LD2 Fire alarm system.
  • Fire compartmentalisation - where necessary the spread of fire should be reduced by the construction of fire breaks or barriers within the building.

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