Home alterations for council tenants

Council tenants can make alterations to their home beyond decorating. Examples of common alterations might include:

  • altering the layout of a property
  • refitting kitchens or bathrooms
  • installing laminate flooring
  • adding conservatories or sheds
  • altering or adding garden fencing
  • dropping curbs for vehicle access
  • rewiring
  • removing chimney breasts.

To make changes, you need written permission from our Housing department. You will need to do this before any work can begin. If you make changes without permission, we may ask you to undo them. It is possible that we may do the work and charge you for it.

Apply for home alteration permission

To apply for permission to make a home alteration you will need to:

  • share details of the alteration you would like to make
  • tell us the room of the alteration
  • tell us the person who will complete the work
  • tell us if you have applied for planning permission
  • tell us if you have applied for building regulations
  • tell us when the work will begin (if approved).

Apply for permission to make an alteration

Some alterations will need planning permission. You may also need building control. You will need to apply and pay for these.

You will need Housing department permission. It may depend on you getting planning or building approval.

You are responsible for maintaining the alterations. Our housing officers may inspect your home. They may do this before, during and after you have carried out any improvements.

This is to make sure that you have complied with any set conditions. They also need to check that the work has been carried out to a competent standard.

If you have an introductory tenancy, we may not agree to your application. If you have a non-secure tenancy, we will not process your application.

For information about tenancies see our New council tenants page.