Report a fallen, dangerous or damaged tree

We attend to fallen or dangerous trees on public highways or council owned land. We also attend to privately owned trees which have fallen or are at risk of falling on to public highways, council owned land or other public spaces.

Before you start

To report a fallen, dangerous or damaged tree you will need to provide us with some details:

  • Location: provide the road name and nearest house number if possible. If the tree is in a park or open space please describe the location as far as possible.
  • Condition: indicate whether it is a fallen tree, fallen branch, something at risk of falling, something damaged or vandalised.
  • Obstruction: is the tree obstructing a road or footpath?
  • Additional information: for example a photo if it is safe to do so.

To report a fallen, dangerous or damaged tree please email

How do we deal with fallen or damaged trees?

Fallen trees on highways or high-risk areas will be treated as emergencies on a 24/7 basis. In most cases our contractors will remove the obstruction in the first instance and return later to remove the stump or roots.

During storm events where numerous trees can be affected it may be necessary for some branches or logs to be left somewhere safe for collection at a later date.