Climate change

Harrow Council signed the Nottingham Declaration in July 2009, accepting that climate change was being driven by increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which are the result of human activity.

By signing the declaration the council is committed to take action to mitigate further change and to adapt to changes that are unavoidable (due to previous emissions).

Climate Local

Climate Local is a new LGA initiative to drive, inspire and support council action on a changing climate. The initiative supports councils’ efforts both to reduce carbon emissions and also to improve their resilience to the effects of our changing climate and extreme weather.

We have signed the Climate Local Commitment, using it as an opportunity to reiterate and reinvigorate our existing commitments.

To find out more download the Climate Local Declaration.

Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan

Our original climate change strategy was adopted in September 2009 and a revised action plan was published in May 2011.

Addressing climate change issues is a long term policy issue. To a large extent economic issues and the austerity agenda have dominated national and local politics during this period but the underlying issues have not gone away and, if anything, the outlook for the longer term has become worse as global emissions of carbon dioxide have continued to rise and the climate continues to warm.

To find out more download the Climate Change Strategy Action Plan.

Delivering Warmer Homes Strategy (HECA) report

We submitted our Delivering Warmer Homes (HECA) report to the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change in March 2013.

This set out our plans and ambitions to improve the thermal efficiency of all homes in the borough.

For further information please download:

Carbon emission performance indicators

There are three main performance indicators that record the borough's progress in reducing carbon emissions.

Per capita carbon emissions

These are published annually by the Department of Energy and Climate Change for all Councils in England and include emissions on housing, industry and transport. 

Carbon Reduction Commitment

This is a statutory scheme which requires participating organisations to report certain carbon emissions and buy carbon allowances to cover the reported emissions.

To find out more download the Carbon Reduction Commitment Report 2013/14.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The council is required to publish its total greenhouse gas emissions in an annual GHG Report to enable local residents to monitor its progress in reducing its emissions.

To find out more download the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report 2019/20.