The Mayor of Harrow

Mayor role and responsibilities

The Mayor chairs the council meetings and carries out some 500-600 engagements during the year, ranging from major civic functions to small personal celebrations, such as 100th birthdays.

The Mayor is always happy to welcome groups to the Civic Centre by appointment, where a guided tour can be given together with a talk on the history of the borough and the civic insignia.

Special Appeal

The Mayor’s Special Appeal is in aid of Akshaya Patra. The Akshaya Patra Foundation is the world’s largest NGO run school meal programme and it is globally recognised as a benchmark organisation.

Having served over 3 billion meals at an incredibly low cost, equating to serving 1.8 million children daily, they have set a remarkable standard. It is also one of the largest organisations serving the homeless, the needy and students in London.

In addition they serve school holiday clubs in London and are committed to developing a facility that serves thousands of children, elderly, homeless and people suffering from food insecurity in Harrow and neighbouring boroughs.

Forms of address

The correct title of the Mayor is ‘The Worshipful The Mayor of the London Borough of Harrow’.

The correct forms of verbal address are

  • The Mayor (male): Mr Mayor
  • The Mayor (female): Mr Mayor is the correct form of address. However, female mayors may elect to be addressed as Madam Mayor.
  • The Mayoress: Madam Mayoress, or Mayoress.  It is incorrect to refer to the Mayoress as The Lady Mayoress.
  • The Consort: Mr (followed by name)
  • The Deputy Mayor: Mr Deputy Mayor
  • The Deputy Mayoress: Madam Deputy Mayoress, or Deputy Mayoress.