Freedom of information

Formats of information

We make information available in a number of ways, not just by printed booklets.

On our website

Information is made available on our website. Where information is available on another website, a web address will be given and a link provided.

Please note that information on other websites is not included in our scheme, we provide links to be as helpful as we can.

When a link is provided to another organisation's website we are not responsible for their information.

By post or collection from the Civic Centre

Information leaflets and booklets will be posted on request, once we have received a fee if applicable. Please use the contact details at the bottom of this page to telephone or email your request.

By email

Information may be available by email if requested. Please use the contact details at the bottom of this page. If there is a significant demand for particular information by email, we will consider putting it onto this website.

By inspection at the Civic Centre or other location

We can arrange for information to be viewed at the Civic Centre or at another council building.

Other formats

Some documents in the Publication Scheme are published in alternative formats for people with disabilities. Some are published in community languages.

Please use the contact numbers referred to above if you need help with translation or if you need the information in an alternative format.

The Council uses Language Line to provide a translation service for callers to the Civic Centre.

This service uses the telephone to contact a translator who speaks to the Council's officer and to the caller alternately. Please ask at the Council's Main Reception.

Data protection officer