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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update:

Due to the council prioritising it’s capacity to deal with the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19), our Building Control services are still operating, and will continue to deal with applications and site visits, but phone lines are now closed. Please be aware there may be a delay due to our current limited resources.

Our Harrow building control team is accepting online applications via the Submit-a-plan web portal.

The Submit-a-plan web portal submits applications online to local authorities across the country free of charge.

There a lots of benefits of submitting your plans including:

  • Free of charge to use.
  • Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • No printing or postage required.
  • Applications can be managed and tracked online.

Site inspections

Harrow Building Control has now commenced a reduced service and will not be carrying out site inspections until further notice. 

We will be happy to accept photographs of work that we would normally inspect.

To submit your photographs please email [email protected] with a subject "Inspection" followed by the site address.

Attach your photographs fully demonstrating critical elements of the work. Showing tape measurements of foundations, joists etc.

Surveyors will assess your photos and seek to advise you the same day that the photographs are acceptable.

Other enquiries will be dealt with the available resources but there may a delay in responding.

In advance can we thank you for your patience when emailing and/or phoning the office.

Book a site inspection

Site visits are available on week days from Monday to Friday. Inspection times are:

  • Morning visits: 10am -12.30pm
  • Afternoon visits: 1pm - 3pm

To book a site visit you can complete the form below or call 0208 736 6058 for same day inspections*.

Book an inspection

Please note that in the climate with Coronavirus, we may take a consultation to examine whether it is safe for us to visit.

*We will endevour to carry out same day site inspections in the current climate, please contact us on [email protected] before the date that you require the inspection for, or before 9:30am on the same day of the inspection by phone.

It may be possible to book outside of these hours by prior arrangement.