Building control customer charter

Harrow building control is committed to maintaining and improving high quality standards for our clients based on:

  • professionalism
  • care
  • attention
  • impartiality
  • public accountability

Harrow building control undertakes to meet these objectives and will endeavour to:

  • provide pre-application and general building control advice
  • register all applications, assess the charges and acknowledge their receipt within three working days
  • determine all applications within statutory periods
  • confirm acceptance of Building Notices within 3 working days
  • request any necessary further information as soon as apparent
  • provide a full technical appraisal of 100% of Full Plans applications within 15 working days
  • provide a full technical appraisal of 90% of Full Plans applications within 10 working days
  • inspect the same day if requests are received before 9:30am and within 2 hours in special cases
  • given reasonable notice, carry out inspections in line with the builders work programme so that delays on site are kept to a minimum
  • make inspections out of normal working hours by prior arrangements
  • to facilitate ease of contact, direct dial phone lines are provided together with answer phone, e-mail for 24 hours a day message and inspection requests
  • up to date information on the scale of charges, guidance notes and application forms available on London Borough of Harrow's web-site for downloading
  • determine all Initial Notices within 5 working days
  • conduct customer care surveys to ensure the service offered is geared to customer

In an effort to maintain and improve our service we welcome feedback from our clients. If for any reason you feel our service is failing to reach its undertakings or if you have any comments concerning its delivery please contact the Head of Development Management and Building Control using the contact information below.

Building control

Address: Civic Centre
PO Box 37
Station Road

Telephone: 020 8736 6058