Conservation areas

Harrow has 29 conservation areas, each having special interest derived from its architectural, townscape or landscape qualities.

The council has a duty to preserve and enhance these, and does so by following area specific guidance.

Conservation Areas Supplementary Planning Documents

This guidance is incorporated within the Conservation Areas Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) including their appendices of Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Strategies (CAAMS).

These documents present townscape and architectural character analysis of the area in question and we use this to form policies and potential actions to ensure positive change.

In this way they indicate how the council is likely to respond to planning applications.

The documents are therefore written to assist residents and developers as well as the council's planning department.

The borough's conservation areas are split into four groups:

Planning permission for demolition

If you intend to demolish, or substantially demolish any unlisted buildings within a conservation area, you will require planning permission.

During the application process planning officers will consult with conservation officers and the Conservation Area Advisory Committee to determine the outcome.

The Conservation Area Advisory Committee is a voluntary group which has an expressed interest in the protection of the historic environment, and includes:

  • architects
  • residents associations
  • historical groups
  • amenity societies

They meet monthly to discuss and give their views on current applications in, or within the setting of, conservation areas.

Within a conservation area there are some additional requirements for planning permission for residential buildings.

For further information, please download the conservation area residential planning guidelines.