Report illegal parking

As stated in the Traffic Management Act 2004, no part of a vehicle should be parked in front of the lowered section of pavement or kerb.

This applies to all lowered footways, for example:

  • property driveways
  • pedestrian crossing points 
  • pram crossings

Before you start

To report illegal parking you will need:

  • the location of the parked vehicle
  • details of the vehicle
  • your details

Report illegal parking


The only exception is where the property owner has given permission for the vehicle to be parked on the property's driveway.

This applies to where the dropped pavement is level with the road allowing any part of the vehicle to overhang the driveway.

Private land

It is illegal to park in front of the lowered footway on private land, whether or not it causes an obstruction. 

The enforcement team will only act if the landowner reports the offence and also signs a statement to confirm that there was no permission given to park the vehicle.

The civil enforcement officer will photograph any penalised offenders to aid the resolution of any offence.

Parking on pavements

Parking a vehicle on pavements and verges can lead to maintenance costs and environmental damage. 

It can be especially dangerous for pedestrians with visual or mobility difficulties or with pushchairs. Parking a vehicle on a pavement is only allowed where there is a signed exception.

We look for alternatives before approving pavement and verge parking. Alternatives include limiting parking to one side of the road only or one way systems.

To make sure you park your vehicle(s) safely, check nearby street signage before you leave your car.

If a vehicle is parked across a dropped kerb or on a pavement please report this to Parking Operations.

This service operates between 8am and 11:30pm, Monday to Sunday.

Apply for a white line across my driveway

The white advisory markings you find across some dropped kerbs are not legally enforceable, however they can help discourage inconsiderate parking near driveways.

Apply for vehicle crossing markings